Celebrating inclusion during Learning Disability Week

Credit: Mencap

This week is Learning Disability Week, bringing people with and without a learning disability together. The awareness week is an opportunity to learn about learning disabilities and celebrate inclusion.

Every year we celebrate Learning Disability Week (LDW). The awareness week is dedicated to raising awareness of the barriers faced by people with a learning disability and how we can all help to remove them.


Unfortunately, the stigma around learning disabilities still exists. This stigma can lead to bullying, social isolation and loneliness.

In a recent survey learning disability charity Mencap found that almost half of people with a learning disability would like to spend more time outside of their house.

Tackling this stigma and putting an end to discrimination starts with gaining knowledge. Learning about different learning disabilities, how these affect people and how you can include people in different situations can make a big difference.

You can find out more about learning disabilities here.


This LDW Mencap is highlighting the power of sport and inclusion. Sport can benefit people with and without a learning disability through improved health and wellbeing, empowerment, and greater social inclusion.

Everyone can get involved with sport regardless of ability. Throughout LDW there are sporting events taking place in communities across the UK.

These events are bringing people with and without a learning disability together to form connections, reduce the stigma and tackle loneliness.

You can find your local events on the map above.

Get involved

You can get involved and help break down the stigma surrounding learning disabilities in multiple ways.

By attending a sporting event this LDW you can meet people with learning disabilities who have similar interests to you.

After you have topped up on your knowledge of learning disabilities you can get involved on social media. Using the hashtags #HereIAm and #LDWeek19 you can share photos of sporting events in your local area, information or simply show your support.

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