Celebrity reactions to Brexit

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This morning it was announced that the British people have chosen to leave the European Union. In the last few hours we’ve set in motion our exit strategy (we’ll be out the EU officially in the next two years say those in the know, our PM has stepped down and Nicole Sturgeon has confirmed that a second Scottish referendum on independence is “highly likely”.
 But for many, this isn’t the result they wanted. The dramatic results split the nation, with the Vote Leave scraping a win with only 52% of the vote.
Of course everyone has taken to Twitter to share their shock/joy/sadness at the results. Find out how your favourite celebs reacted to the life-changing news below.

Harry Potter writer JK Rowling took to Twitter to share her sadness in the result saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more.”

The Edinburgh based author, who was very vocal in her support of the Better Together campaign during the Indy Ref, admitted this morning that she believed Scotland will now break away from the UK.


Meanwhile Piers Morgan, an big supporter of the Leave Campaign, agreed that Scottish Independence was likely.

Another passionate Brexit supporter, Katie Hopkin, congratulated Leave voters on being on the “right side of history”.

British star James Corden voiced his concern over the future, saying he was “sorry for the youth of Britain”.

Lily Allen said she had been crying since the Swindon vote, backing a majority Leave vote, was announced.

“How’s that stronger economy and NHS looking?” she asked. “Well millennials. We’re really really f***ed.”

As we heard the news that the pound had plummeted in value, signer Labrinth simply used the downward emoji and pound signs to show his dismay.


Lord Sugar admitted that although the vote may not affect his business or personal wealth,  he was worried what it would mean for the future generation.

Singer Boy George took a more lighthearted view and encouraged people to ‘mek the best of it’.

Overseas the response has been varied. American presenter Ryan Seacrest called the news “shocking” and one for “the history books”.

Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan stay up all night to live Tweet the results. She even threw in a direct quote from Mean Girls for good measure.












What are your thoughts on the results? Let is know over on Twitter.

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