Cheap Amazon Buys to Jazz Up Your Student Flat

It’s November. The deadlines are looming and the charm of your new flat is starting to wear off now you’ve been here a few months. Why not spruce things up with these amazing and expensive-looking buys from Amazon? Stock up next time you’re panic buying that book for Monday’s seminar.


Umbra Paper Towel Holder

Of course paper towels are a student flat essential. Make cleaning up that little more appealing with this expensive looking stand.


Umbra Corner Waste Can

Who cares if you only empty your bins once a month? At least that rubbish will look extra stylish inside this slick bucket.



Kikkerland Nautical Flag Shower Curtain

Don’t make the mistake of buying a white shower curtain – you’ll spot the mould a mile of. Hide dirt and grime during those pesky landlord inspections with this snazzy shower curtain.


Andrew Neyer Penguin Press Decal

A penguin coffee press?! Now if this doesn’t cheer you up during an all-night revision cram,  I don’t know what will.


Metal Side Table

Remind yourself to do that all important seminar reading by stacking books on this stylish sidetable.


Normann Copenhagen Fruity Fruit Bowl

Strategically place this in the background while Facetiming your mum. “Look, I’m eating fruit AND grown-up enough to own a fancy fruit bowl! You can stop worrying about me now…promise”


Bormioli Rocco Bedside Carafe With Tumbler

Chic enough to make even your Buckfast look elegant. Alternatively, keep it in your room as a reminder to drink water before you go to bed. Hangover + lecture = not much fun.

What will you be buying to decorate your flat this term? Let us know on Twitter. 

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