Cooking in miniature

Even if you’re not a big cook yourself, there’s something quite addictive about recipe tutorial videos that pop up in our social streams.

But YouTuber WendyMiniCity has taken the trend and made it a whole lot cuter with her tiny cooking demos.

Wendy does recipes in miniature, cooking up tiny fries, pizza and even Korean BBQ dishes using tiny utensils in a scaled down kitchen. We’re talking Barbie-sized here, guys. And it’s adorable.

Using real ingredients, Wendy comes up with dishes that are totally edible. While they won’t do much to satisfy your appetite, the skill that’s gone into manipulating those tiny kitchen tools is incredible.

We can’t stop watching – here are a few of our favourites.

It’s a tiny little Happy Meal!! We dare you not to squeal.

Here she’s made a fancy chocolate sphere cake, like that one from the M&S ads before Christmas.

Your favourite primary school lunchtime option just got smaller. And cuter. And a whole lot trickier to stack up.

Why have a regular cronut (that’s a croissant/doughnut hybrid, food fans) when you can have a tiny one that’s smaller than your fingernail?!

Being an amazing chef in miniature doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the clean up, though…

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