Coppafeel! Greg James signs up as the face of the Uni Boob Team

Greg James UBT Release

Greg James wants you to cop a feel in the new academic year – but only when it comes to your own bits, please.

The radio DJ, presenter, writer, actor and all-round nice guy is encouraging the nation’s students to check their boobs for signs of cancer as part of breast cancer charity Copafeel!’s Uni Boob Team.

In the new term, a gang of student volunteers will be representing the charity on uni campuses UK-wide. These guys will be reminding you to check yourself regularly and teaching you the signs to look out for when things aren’t as they should be – because early detection is key in treating breast cancer.

Cancer isn’t just an old person’s disease – it can affect anyone, as Coppafeel! founder Kris Hallenga, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 23. She went to her GP after finding a lump in her breast, but the doc dismissed it, telling her it’d go away on its own. Eight months and three doctors later, she got her diagnosis – and the cancer had spread to her spine.

Kris set up Coppafeel to raise awareness of breast cancer in young people, both girls and boys, and to remind everyone to check themselves out regularly. At present, 5% of breast cancer diagnoses are at stage IV by the time they’re picked up by doctors, meaning it’s too late for doctors to do anything to help.

The Uni Boob Team students will be on campus encouraging you to sign up to the Coppafeel! text reminder service, and Greg will be stopping by too to motivate the team members and get more of you guys involved! This year’s campaign is sponsored by Surf laundry detergent, so look out for all sorts of weird, wonderful and fun events and activities taking place in your uni’s laundrette.

In Scotland, you’ll find the student ambassadors at St Andrews, Stirling, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, Queen Margaret and Edinburgh.

Find out more about Coppafeel!’s work at

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