Could you be an Army Officer?

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Challenge. Training. Responsibility. Adventure. Become an Army Officer and nothing is out of your range.

Regular or Reservist, being an Army Officer is about leading from the front and caring for your soldiers. Whatever your role, and there are more than 30 different Officer roles in the Army, you will lead a life of challenge, adventure, achievement and service. Whether it’s commanding a platoon of soldiers on operations, leading a humanitarian mission or helping to build critical infrastructure and rebuild lives after a natural disaster, you will lead a life that is far from routine.

The route from university to becoming a British Army Officer starts at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The 44 weeks of training you receive here will prepare you to apply your knowledge in ways you never imagined.

Sandhurst will also be the place where you get your first taste of Army adventurous training. This is an opportunity everyone has throughout their time in the Army to participate in, and gain qualifications in, a broad range of outdoor activities from skiing in Bavaria to skydiving in California.

Upon completion of your training at Sandhurst, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. At this point you will move to your chosen Regiment or Corps for further specialist training and take responsibility for leading a team of around 30 soldiers.

A career as an Army officer also brings a range of other benefits. Throughout your career you will also be encouraged to take part in a number of training courses and study for a wide range of civilian-recognised qualifications. And to keep you body as fit as your mind, you’ll also have access to free gym and sports facilities, with world-class fitness and nutritional advice.

The best leadership training in the world together with the support you need to make the most of it, a clear path for promotion, and challenge and adventure all the way. Life as an Army Officer offers everything people with leadership potential, a strong sense of moral direction and focused ambition could want.

Salary:  £25,727

Locations: Nationwide

Applications can be made either online (see link below) or at an Army Careers Centre.

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