Declutter your life with Netflix’s latest hit show

The rise of tidying and decluttering guru, Marie Kondo, on Netflix has encouraged the whole country to spring clean a little early this year. Has the show inspired you to clear out your junk?

If you’re anything like the ‘typical teenager’, your parents will rant at you to tidy your room, take old cereal bowls down to clean, and throw away your childhood rubbish that you haven’t used in years.

After the fifth or sixth time of this performance, they’ll eventually relent and do it for you, which will enrage you, as they’ve thrown away things you didn’t want them to, and generally just invaded your personal space.

We know – we’ve been there.

But, what if you could cut out the middle man, and feel truly inspired to declutter your own life?

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Well, Netflix is here to help, with it’s new show, ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’, the Japanese organising consultant, who goes into the houses of people who have trouble throwing things away, and helps to restructure and organise their lives.

Marie is the creator of the KonMarie method of decluttering, which means holding an item in your hands and asking yourself whether it ‘sparks joy’ for you.

It might sound daft, but she’s really onto something, because since the show aired on Netflix on 1 January this year, charity shops around the world have seen an increase of donations, with some charity shops up as much as 66 per cent, compared to previous Januarys.


But, how can you implement this method in your own life?

Well, it’s simple really. First of all, you only have one room – your bedroom – to declutter, not an entire house like the families in the show, so starting small is important.

Why not concentrate on a single area of your room to begin with, for example, your desk, or your bookshelf. Take it one item at a time, and ask yourself, does the stuffed animal you got at some zoo five years ago really ‘spark joy’ in your life? If the answer is honestly ‘yes’, then keep it.

If not, say goodbye, and send it off to a home where it might do.

Obviously, this philosophy doesn’t apply to necessities, such as your school textbooks and homework (nice try), but rather to the material possessions in your life that you can live without.

Clearing out your room is so therapeutic and once you send those bin bags away to the charity shop, you’ll feel much lighter.

Decluttering doesn’t just affect your physical space, either: it helps you think clearer, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Netflix for some inspiration, and hopefully the process sparks some joy for you, too.

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