Top tips for keeping calm during your exams

It’s officially exam time and no matter how much you prepare that always guarantees one thing – stress.

Whether you have one or five, an exam morning freak out is the last thing you need. Take a look at our top tips on how to destress during exam time.

Download the SQA MyExam app

Being organised can be a crucial step when preventing exam panic. The SQA’s MyExam app is free to download and tells you when your exams are on and where. It even lets you create a personal exam timetable, add notes and updates you if an exam is cancelled.

Find out where you can download it here.

Make a playlist 

Good music can make any mood better, so why not make a chill out playlist to help you calm down before an exam. If you don’t want to waste quality studying time making one, put on a YouTube playlist or use streaming service features like Spotify Radio or Apple Music Radio.


When you see the word meditate you might think that’s not for me, but meditation isn’t all about sitting with your legs crossed and exhaling while loudly saying ‘ommm’. Taking five minutes to just sit and concentrate on breathing can relieve stress, increase motivation and aid sleep. If the daunting thought of exams keeps sneaking in to your mind try using a free app like Headspace to help you.


It is well known that exercise has stress-releasing qualities but that doesn’t have to mean taking hours out of studying to hit the gym. Even going for a twenty minute jog can dramatically reduce your stress levels and help your body to release endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers. If jogging doesn’t sound appealing why not go for a bounce on your old trampoline or take a dance break. You can read all about how exercise improves your mental wellbeing here.

Words by Emma Storr

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