Feed the Mob for Under a Tenner

Student living is like no other. All nighters, party flats with sticky floors and grimy bathrooms, a washing pile that just doesn’t seem to be going down – it disappeared at home? – and mouldy bread. So much mouldy bread.

Fed up of having hunger pangs? Never fear, there is a brand new social media trend hitting up the culinary scene geared at students to make sure you get a good hearty meal for under a tenner (bargain!).

Mob Kitchen was set up by Benjamin Lebus, in a bid to help students feed themselves and four pals wholesome, hearty meals at prices that will make any student jump for joy and stomachs rumble in anticipation.

Each meal is partnered with not only the ingredients you will need for your new foodie adventure and a method, but also quick ‘how to’ videos with some banging tunes to boot. Music is an important part of the Mob Kitchen ethos – they even have their own playlists – so you can have a dance whilst cooking up a storm.

Offering up tasty and healthy meals, Mob Kitchen has a little taste of everything to suit any mood and feed any mob. From veggie curry to chicken gyros to Godfather meatball pasta, you’ll never go hungry again – you might even get to ditch the dodgy kebabs too!

Not only are you in for a delicious meal you’re in for a good shot of learning something useful. Let’s face it, cooking is one of life’s most essential skills and, unbelievably, a whole lotta students are leaving home without the ability to cook more than beans on toast (not that we’re dissing this classic).

Cooking for yourself and your friends with common, easy to find ingredients all for under a tenner, you’re guaranteed to get some cooking experience under your belt. Head into the kitchen, summon your inner Gordon Ramsay and cook up a feast – we bet your mum will be blown away with your mad skills.

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