Flipping brilliant pancake art

We won’t lie. We were pretty impressed when we managed to flip a pancake (and Boomerang it), but some clever cookies on the interweb are taking things one step further with Shrove Tuesday treats and turning it into an art form.

Using coloured batter, talented tossers are flexing their culinary and artistic muscles to create picturesque pancakes – and upload them to YouTube.

It’s pretty fascinating – once you’ve watched one, you get sucked in. So if you need some inspiration for your own Pancake Day celebrations today? Feast your eyes on this little lot – and get practising.

If you’re still playing Pokémon Go (presumably on your own), you’ll love this cute Squirtle.

Comic book-dom’s favourite couple are now edible!

We’re fascinated by these pretty lace patterns – and could maybe pull this off at home ourselves…

It’s Kendall!! As a pancake!!

Avengers. Assemble. (In the frying pan please, if you don’t mind.)

This would mess with our heads a bit. It looks. So. Good.

One for your enemies.

Pancake pancakes. Pan-ception.

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