Freshers’ Week: Useful contacts

Whether you’re transporting yourself to a brand new city or staying put in your home town, freshers’ week is a really exciting time. You’re finding your feet, meeting new people, exploring an exciting new life – there’s nothing quite like it!

But you might come up against a few challenges during your first year as a student – staying safe, keeping well, dealing with dodgy landlords… it isn’t always all plain sailing.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some useful contacts to help you out during your first year of university life.

Lifestyle – We all know that the NHS website is a reliable place to go if you have health concerns, but the Live Well section also provides advice for healthy living, including information about how to safely handle and cook food (as well as some easy to follow recipes) and fitness tips, which may come in handy if you’re finding juggling student life with healthy living a bit of a challenge. – The NUS website provides information about all areas of student life, including helpful tips about housing, preparing for interviews, and general student safety. – THE’s website is also great – whether you’re in the process of applying to university or you’ve been accepted and you’re preparing for freshers’ week, you’ll find a lot of useful and digestible advice here. – Need to vent? Need a chat? Worried about deadlines? Relationship troubles? Need the number for a pizza deliver place? Your university nightlight service has a helping hand on the other end of the phone. – Life getting on top of you? You don’t have to struggle alone. The Breathing Space website and helpline (0800 83 85 87) are a fantastic resource if you’re struggling with your thoughts and feelings. – Not only does this website provide a lot of helpful information about your rights as an LGBT student and details of local youth groups, there’s also a hotline and a 24/7 online chat service available for anyone looking for some advice. – Citizens’ Advice is another reliable nationwide source of information. Being clued up on your rights as a student renter is invaluable, so if you’re struggling with a dodgy landlord head to this site for help. You can also contact them at 0808 800 9060.


Health – A good first port of call for any concerns about your health is the NHS website, as there are a range of detailed articles about almost all conditions, so if you’re looking for a bit of background information it can be helpful to have a browse about here. – Sometimes, regardless of how careful you may be, you will encounter sexual health issues from time to time. The Sexual Health Scotland site contains useful information about contraception, pregnancy and STIs, as well as providing some relationship advice and a useful breakdown of the law regarding consent, revenge porn and domestic abuse, to name a few. or – Both these websites deal with issues surrounding legal and illegal drugs, including consumption and supply. Whether you’re struggling with peer pressure or addiction or you’re simply interested in learning a bit more, there’s a wealth of information out there for you. Both sites also contain details about how to contact their help lines or online chat services. – Student Minds is a leading UK mental health charity that works closely with universities across the country to provide support to students dealing with a variety of issues. You can find information on the site regarding eating disorders, depression, or even if you’re temporarily struggling with exam stress.


Remember, if you’re having concerns or simply looking for some more information, your advisor of studies or student support network at university will be more than ready to help you or guide you towards someone who can, so don’t be afraid to ask. After all, that’s what they’re there for!



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