Fun holidays to celebrate during May

May is full of weird and funny holidays all throughout the month and we can’t wait to celebrate.

Batman day

Starting with the 1st, which is today! Today is Batman Day! Don on your cape and make the popcorn as you binge read all the greatest Batman comics. 

Star Wars day

May the fourth be with you! We can’t forget Star Wars day on the 4th. Grab your friends and take part in the fight against the Dark Side.

Celebrate the more than 40 years since the first Star Wars movie came out by dressing up as your favourite character and watching the movies.

Dance like a chicken day

The 14th is dance like a chicken day! This holiday has to be my personal favourite. Stop whatever you’re doing and shake it! Play your best playlist and dance the night away like a chicken!

Chocolate chip day

Yum! Chocolate chip day! This one is on the 15th. Skip the diet for this holiday and grab yourself a cookie at your nearest bakery! Or even add them to your pancakes for breakfast! There’s so many ways to enjoy this delicious holiday!

Pizza party day

Get ready because it’s pizza party day on the 18th! Who doesn’t love pizza?! Choose your fav toppings and enjoy a slice with your friends either at the pizzeria or at your place! You could have pizza party anywhere!

Sing out day

Last but not least is sing out day on the 25th! Sing your heart out to the best tunes! Grab the karaoke set and pretend to be Beyonce as you belt out Single Ladies with your mates! Have fun this holiday, annoy your neighbours as you sing out!

I love these wacky holidays and can’t wait for them. I hope you have great fun taking part in these holidays either by yourself or with your friends and family!

Words by Maria Hamill

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