Get happy: 7 mood boosting tips

Spring’s here and we’re officially ready to defrost. None of this hat-gloves-ski jacket combo every time you leave the house; our miserable post-Christmas slump has gone on long enough. It’s time to quit hibernating, shake out the cold and tackle the rest of the year head-on.

A little sunshine through your window isn’t going to cut it, though. If you really want to get happy, we’ve got some top tips on how to finally beat those winter blues…


Nothing gets those endorphins pumping like exercise. You don’t have to be a gym buff or treadmill junkie to take advantage of those happy chemicals – even a brisk walk around the block or some exercises in your living room will get them flowing. It also keeps you healthy and fit while putting a smile back on your face. Winning.


Eat well

The winter days of scoffing jumbo Christmas Toblerones, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and Quality Street are done. You can’t survive on chocolate and take-aways alone, no matter how unrivalled they are in deliciousness. Eating healthily improves your brain function for the study season that lies ahead, alters your energy levels and boosts your mood. Who knows – you might end up preferring healthy food. Like this sloth getting stuck into his carrots.

Power pose

Yes, this is actually a thing. Experts like Professor Amy Cuddy say standing like Superman for 20 minutes every morning boosts your self-esteem and mood, leading you to be more successful. Just put your hands on your hips and jut your chin out like you’re invincible. Take that, study session.


Hang out

Humans are social creatures. We literally need to hang out with each other to ensure overall health and wellbeing. What better excuse to meet up with the squad? As long as you’re running with a good crowd, socialising has a powerful impact on your mental wellbeing and kills any potential FOMO.


Sleep well but don’t sleep in

Getting out of bed can be hard to do when only hours of studying lie ahead, but you need to rise and shine early to maximise your day.

Switch off your screens at 10, get to bed by 11 and try and set an alarm (one, not ten) to wakey wakey before the first episode of Jeremy Kyle’s on the telly. (Oh, and don’t watch it when it does come on the telly.)


Stop scrolling

Yeah we know, it’s hard to give up. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram… hours of our day are eaten up by looking at our social media pages – even if there’s nothing interesting to look at. Studies show too much social media time is damaging for your mental health, as well as for your attention span. So do yourself a favour and spend a few hours a day switched off.


Make some YOU time

This one can be tough, but it’s incredibly important to take a step back from studying and have some time to yourself. Practise the power of positive thinking. You CAN pass these exams with a bit of hard work, just make sure you look after yourself while you do it.


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