Get rich quick

Permanently skint? We feel you. There’s never enough money to let you do everything you want to. And sadly, it doesn’t grow on trees.

So what are you supposed to do to stop your wallet from feeling quite so empty? We’ve got some quick money making ideas to boost your earning potential.

1. Sell your textbooks

If you’ve had to buy any books for school, college or uni, get onto Amazon Marketplace, eBay or your campus book shop and sell those bad boys on. Someone is going to want them cheaper than the original price – and if you can make some cash back on them, even better.

2. Get onto Depop

If you’ve got lots of old clothes, shoes and accessories that you don’t need any more, sell them on Depop. This app is really quick and easy to use – you don’t have to spend half your life faffing about with product descriptions. You just snap, input the basics and it’s out there for sale!

3. Get a part-time job

OK, so this’ll eat up some of the time that you would be using to do amazing things but sadly, money doesn’t come for nothing. A part-time job in a local cafe or restaurant, shop or office won’t just be good for your bank balance but it’ll boost your CV too – and future earning potential. Start doing the rounds with your CV now!

4. Become a dog walker

Got lots of neighbours with dogs who are cooped up inside all day? Offer out your services as a dog walker or dog sitter! You can take them out before school, pop in and see them after class, take them for a walk round the park – it’s perfect. And you get to hang out with dogs. Win win!

5. Or a babysitter

If your family and friends are starting to pop out babies, offer your services as a babysitter – and don’t forget to charge a fee. You’ve got a certain lifestyle to pay for after all.

6. Use cashback sites

Shopping through cashback sites like QuidCo gives you money back when you purchase from certain retailers. So you’re sort of getting paid to shop. With QuidCo, there’s more than 4,500 brands to choose from and if you shop through the QuidCo link, they’ll give you money back. Genius.

7. Sell your old notes

Notesale lets you upload and sell on old school, college and uni revision notes so if you’re a master note-taker, this is the way forward for you.

8. Do odd jobs

US-based site Fiverr is a hub of weird and wonderful work requests – you just log in, see if there’s anything that matches your talents and go for it. Freelance work made easy! You could design a logo for a blogger, write some copy for a business, record a jingle on your keyboard… There’s lots out there to snap up.

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