A Guide to Renting Private Accommodation for New Students

Luxury student accommodation providers Collegiate offer some tips on finding the right place to stay at university

Once you have decided where you are going to attend university, the next biggest decision will be choosing where to live. There are two main categories of accommodation to choose from – halls of residence and private. In this article, we compare the differences between halls and private renting, to help you decide why private renting might be the better option for you.

Halls versus Private

There are pros and cons for both options, but the choice is entirely a personal one. Many universities encourage first year students to stay in halls of residence, as they are typically viewed as a smaller step from living at home. But there’s no rule that you have to follow their recommendation. You can easily work with a specialist in student accommodation to find the right private rental option.

Halls of residence are owned by the university, while private halls of residence offer the same style of living, but are owned by a private company. There’s no hassle involved with choosing halls, but it does mean that there isn’t a lot of choice either – you only get what you are given.

Private accommodation can include anything from a one bedroom flat, through to a large multi-bedroom property ideal for a group to rent together. If you use specialists, you can be certain that you will find great quality accommodation and that you are legally protected.


Why use a specialist?

There’s nothing to say that you have to use a specialist to help find private accommodation, but there are some clear benefits. They will be able to identify available properties that are high class and designed and equipped with the essentials for student life.

Another reason for using the company is the service. Everyone will have heard of horror stories around landlords and tenancy agreements that left people in trouble. They are often exaggerated, but there can be a core of truth to them. By using a specialist you don’t have to worry about all of this as they handle the legal stuff including tenancy agreements and cancellation policies if you change your mind.

Studying ‘up north’

Another difference with renting privately is that they have accommodation all over the country. For example luxury student accommodation providers Collegiate have a big focus on Scotland, and have accommodation in many areas such as Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. They most recently added Durham to their existing locations for anyone studying in North-East England. Their accommodation also offers facilities such as reading rooms, gyms and even cinemas. You can have the privacy of your own property but the facilities of being on campus.

With top city centre locations, high-speed broadband and a secure building, private renting might be a great option for you. They can ensure that you feel safe, and have the facilities you need so you can concentrate on the real reason for being there – your education, without dealing with worries about your living arrangements.

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