A Harry Potter pop-up bar is opening in Edinburgh!

Credit: @ThePopUpGeeks Instagram 

Ever fancied a Butterbeer, Firewhisky, Pinnock’s Giggle Water, or Hog’s Head Brew? Well, now you can with Perilous Potions, the new Harry Potter pop-up bar set to open in Edinburgh at the beginning of February. You’ll be able to conjure up your own potions including Glacio Ardetium and Draught of Delirium from 1 February to 30 April. Ingredients and instructions will be brought to your table so that muggles can get a taste of the wizarding world.

Perilous Potions is the brain child of The Pop Up Geeks. Now notorious in Edinburgh for their previous pop-up bars, this is potentially their best concept yet. Over the past year Harry Potter seems to have become increasingly popular, not that it ever left our lives. But don’t worry, no crazed teen fans here, over-18s only! Although we can’t promise that we’ll be able to hide our excitement as we live out our magical fantasy of having a drink with Harry, Hermione, and Ron at the Three Broomsticks.

Credit: @ThePopUpGeeks Instagram

Previously, The Pop Up Geeks have brought to life many of our favourite TV shows in bar form. Blood and Wine (Game of Thrones), The Upside Down (Stranger Things) and Survive (The Walking Dead) all received rave reviews and we have no doubt that this one will be the same. Accio cocktails!

Perilous Potions opens February 1st for a limited time. Bookings are available 1 February – 30 April via their website. Book now to avoid missing out on any pumpkin juice or polyjuice potion.

Words by Susie Butler.

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