Have you thought about the Aldi graduate programme?

We caught up with Krishma Tangri, Aldi Area Manager in Luton, about the Aldi graduate scheme to find out what it’s really like.  

What first attracted you to the Aldi graduate scheme? 

“When I was at university I thought I wanted to go into consultancy work. However, at a networking event I got talking to one of the professionals who told me he used to work at Aldi. I knew the company was growing at a rapid rate, however I had never considered a career there. I thought Aldi was all about scanning products but I discovered there were so many different opportunities on offer across all areas of the business, and I knew it would be the right company for me.

Can you give examples of the sort of practical knowledge you acquired throughout it? 

You need to be incredibly organised, adaptable and good at working collaboratively, as I often work with my Store Managers and store teams to ensure we meet our targets. As an Area Manager, you also need to be good at people management, as working with a wide range of personality types can be challenging. This is a skill I have always had but I think it is something I have become a lot better at with more experience. You also need to be good at managing your own time. I have a colour-coded diary so that I can see my workload at a glance and so can my colleagues. This helps me to plan my time effectively and multi-task well. 

On a typical day, what does your job entail? 

I look after several stores around the Luton area, so on a typical day I will visit one of the stores and observe its day-to-day operations. I always sit down with the Store Manager, have a cup of tea and see how they are getting on. We look at how the store is performing against sales targets and colleague management to see if there are any issues. Following this, I will do a walk of the store and inform the Store Manager of any areas for improvement and where they’re performing well. 

If somebody asked whether you would recommend the Aldi graduate scheme, what would your response be? 

The opportunities on offer at Aldi really surprised me as I didn’t expect there to be so many teams full of dedicated, passionate people, with such varied skillsets. At Aldi there really is something for everyone, and as long as you can demonstrate hard work and commitment, you are able to try your hand at pretty much anything. 

What do you most enjoy about your job?  

My favourite part of the job is being able to promote my colleagues and seeing the look on their faces when I tell them the good news. I love working with a wide range of people, and getting to know the teams I work with on a daily basis. 

Aldi graduate programme in a nutshell

Aldi is one of the fastest-growing grocery retailers in the UK and it’s number three in the Times Top 100 ‘Best Graduate Employers’ for 2017. It’s a position that no other retailer has been able to match. So what makes the Aldi difference?

Well, let’s start with campus gossip. You’ve probably heard that that it gives graduates a fantastic package (including an Audi A4) and that it’s ‘really hard work’. These things are true but you need to check out the rest of the story. Aldi is a responsible employer which thrives on giving graduates unparalleled exposure, training and support. It challenges our graduates because it wants them to do well – but don’t worry, Aldi is with you every step of the way. You’re critical to the future success of the business. In fact, most of the Directors (even the CEO) started out as an Area Manager.

The programme lasts for twelve months and, yes, it’s tough. But you’ll be hungry for responsibility and confident in your capabilities. Much of your success is about earning the trust of your store team. In the early days, they’ll teach you the ins and outs of store life (including stacking shelves) – it’s the only way to understand the challenges they face. Once you’ve understood how the store works and start to manage the whole operation then, crucially, your team will be happy to take guidance from you. The programme moves fast. By week 14, you could hold the keys to at least one store. Eventually, you could be running your own multi-million business!

To find out more about the Aldi graduate programme, visit here.

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