How to De-stress

In our busy lives, it seems like feeling stressed is the normality. Some of us thrive off a little stress; however, stress for many can be a hindrance, and really affects their daily lives. It’s always good to take a second to clear your mind and de-stress – especially during exam season. And since April is Stress Awareness Month, we thought we would share some helpful tips to help you work through your stress no matter how big or small.

Get Planning

If you have a lot on your plate, it can be overwhelming, so ease away some of that stress by getting a daily planner – an organisational app on your phone is also good. Planners are a great way to prioritise what needs to be done, whilst de-cluttering your mind. Seeing everything you need to do written down can really help relax your mind and make your to-do list seem less daunting. Making lists and plans can also make us feel productive, leading us to feel more motivated and positive, thereby less stressed.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a normal sleeping pattern can be hard work, especially when you’re in the middle of a great Netflix series and just have to watch the next episode. Having a regular sleeping pattern has many great benefits for your health, and getting enough sleep each night will help you feel ready to take on the day. Trying to manage exam stress whilst running on of a few hours’ sleep is near impossible, so try and go to bed earlier and get some much needed rest.

Exercise the Stress Away

Exercise is a great way to de-stres, take your mind off things and help you sleep better. Anything that gets you moving is great, so even though running is an amazing way to clear your head and forget about any stress, something as simple as walking your dog around the park will also help. For those looking to come away super relaxed and chilled, yoga is a great option, with the combination of gentle exercise and calming vibes, it’s impossible to be up tight after a yoga class.

Hang up the Phone and Go Back to Basics

When you’re feeling stressed it’s a good idea to take a step back and have some time to yourself. A good way to start that is by switching off your phone and tuning out from the world of technology. Phones are a constant distraction and we can easily spend hours  switching between different social media apps – but that down time isn’t very relaxing. The blue light of phones can strain our eyes, give us headaches and make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. Why not lose yourself in a good book, take a relaxing bath, or unleash your inner artist with an adult colouring book instead?

Have a Space for Relaxation

We’ve all heard the saying ‘messy room, messy mind’, so clear your room of any clutter – or just organise it so its tidy clutter – to help make your bedroom a relaxing space that oozes calm and tranquillity. It’s important to have a space which is solely for kicking back and relaxing, so if you can, try not to do any work in your bedroom – especially if you find yourself getting easily stressed. Stick to the library or a quiet spot in your house like the dining room.

Make a Calming Playlist

Music can really affect your mood, so listening to relaxing music when you’re feeling stressed is a great way to help you relax and take your mind off of things. Make a playlist filled with all your favourite relaxing songs so you have a go-to when you’re next feeling stressed – think dreamy acoustic vibes rather than techno tracks!

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