How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions


2016 is finally here and with a new year comes new resolutions. We’re all guilty of putting pressure on ourselves to rid us of any of our bad habits, or come up with a huge list on how we can improve our lives somehow in the new year. It’s incredibly common however, for many of these promises to fail and be forgotten about after the first week in January.

To help you on your way to sticking to your resolutions till at least February, we have got some tips to help keep you motivated and choose the right resolutions.

Make realistic resolutions

There is no point making a huge list of crazy resolutions that you know straight away you can’t achieve. Cutting out all junk food from your diet? Going to the gym five times a week? Changing your habits so dramatically just makes it harder for you to change at all, and can leave you feeling defeated, demotivated and lead you straight to the cupboard in search for all the junk food in the world. Instead of, for example, cutting out junk food completely, start by cutting down on your junk food intake, or aim to go to the gym twice a week. Make things easier for yourself; smaller life changes like these will benefit you more in the long run.

Give yourself deadlines

This is a great help for those whose resolutions are to learn a new skill or read more books. If learning a new instrument, note down in a diary or planner a certain date that you want to learn a certain song by. Giving yourself deadlines will make you feel the need to work on your resolution and actually stick to it.

Make them official

Think carefully about your resolutions and when you have your final list, write them down. Writing them down will make them appear more official. Instead of just floating around your mind they are now written down in front of you, and harder to forget about and flake on. It may also be a good idea to place your list somewhere you will see it regularly, like your bedroom mirror, as a good reminder to stick to your resolutions and keep you motivated. Go one step further and blog about it so all the world can monitor your progress!

Celebrate your successes

Sticking to resolutions can be tricky and cutting out things you used to enjoy (you did really love that chocolate) can be really hard sometimes, so celebrate. If you have managed to cut out chocolate for a month, celebrate your victory. Buy yourself something nice or have a relaxing night in as a treat. Having treats and mini celebrations along the way will help you stay on track and push you further to want to succeed and cut out that bad habit.

Talk to others

If you are struggling to stick to your resolution, or have a lack of motivation, it is a good idea to share your aims with friends or family. Not only will they be able to offer some help and advice, but others knowing our aims can motivate us to stick to them and push us further. It is also a great thing to share a resolution with a friend; having a friend going through the same as you is a great motivator and makes things easier for us.

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