How to Use Twitter…Without Getting Into Hot Water

Twitter is huge. With around 140 million active users sending over 9,100 tweets every second, it’s one of the most popular websites on the Internet. We can update when we’re on our laptops in our bedrooms, on the computers in the library when we’re pretending to study and on our smart phones when we’re on the move. Us young folk make up 62% of Twitter’s users and it’s safe to say we’re pretty obsessed with it. However much we love Twitter and other social networking sites, they do have the potential to get us into trouble when it comes to getting a job. We all heard on the news about the youth crime commissioner down South who had to step down after her tweets were, well, less than appropriate, so allow us to give you some tips on how to keep clean on social networking sites.

Steer Clear of Work Chat

Even although they might not follow you, it’s quite likely that your manager has a Twitter account too and a quick search of your name could bring them straight to your profile. We advise you don’t talk about work at the risk of getting yourself into trouble with your current of future employers. ‘Hating my job, can’t wait for payday!’ may well sum up perfectly how you feel, but it’s probably best not to announce it to your followers just in case. Also, if you work with the public in retail or in hospitality, try not to slag off your customers. Although you may have spent longer than you would have liked with a rude, disgruntled member of the public, taking to Twitter to voice your frustration comes with consequences. You can easily perform a quick search of your workplace on Twitter and so can your customers, so be aware!

It’s Nice To Be Nice

Before you enter into an expletive ridden tirade against your favourite football team who have just lost an important match, take a second to think before you take to Twitter. It’s not going to come across particularly well if potential employers do come across your profile and see your foul mouthed rantings. Some things are far better left unsaid so if you’ve fallen out with your best pal, are fed up with your studying or fancy letting off some steam over something that’s wound you up on the telly – think before you type!

Landing Yourself In It

‘Pulled a sickie today, movie marathon coming my way!’ ‘Late for work because I fancied going shopping instead, going to tell the boss I slept in!’ Hmm, maybe not the best idea. Be aware these things tend to get back to managers and bosses so careful what information you broadcast online. When you are actually ill or have slept in, best not to share it on social networking sites, keep it between you and your manager to avoid getting into trouble. Things can easily be taken out of context on the internet so consider whether you’re happy enough for anyone to be able to read what information you’re about to post.

Private Is The New Public

Although it means people can’t just see your tweets at the click of a button or ‘retweet’ anything you say, making your account private is the way forward. Instead of changing your surname on your social network profiles, make the account private so that you physically have to click to accept those who view your account. This doesn’t give you an excuse to unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay, but does mean anyone who doesn’t already follow you can’t see what you’re tweeting about.

Happy tweeting!

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