Important Factors to Consider Before your First Year at University

Almero Student Mansions know a thing or two about student life – here’s their guide to get you through first year at university

Getting ready for your first year at university is very exciting but there is also some work to do to get everything in place. Once you have been accepted for your course, preparing your accommodation and finances is key to ensuring you are set for a fun and gruelling year at university.

Sorting accommodation

Top of your to-do list should be accommodation – there are a variety of options but the later you leave it, the smaller these options become. You can opt to stay in halls of residence which are usually owned by the university and are usually on campus. There’s not a lot of choice involved with living in halls and you can find yourself allocated a location and a roommate without much input. The other option is to go for private rented accommodation.

An option that has the best of both worlds is to rent a larger property and share with a group of friends. That way you get the communal aspects of living in halls whilst enjoying the privacy of renting your own place. Almero Student Mansions are specialists in providing luxury accommodation for students across three major university cities – Nottingham, Exeter and Bristol. Prices for renting with them includes all utilities, TV license and Wi-Fi so managing your bills becomes a lot easier while the guaranteed quality of the property removes concerns about substandard housing.

Organise your finances

Whether you do it before sorting accommodation or after, organising your finances and setting a budget is a wise move. Even if you have managed your own money before, it is different when you are away from home. If you rent a property through someone like Almero, you have fewer bills to keep track of and this makes the process easier. But you should still organise your money so you know what you have to spend each week and can keep on top of things.

Another part of organising your finances is often to open a bank account. Many banks offer student accounts with minimal charges so look for these and ensure you can get a debit card to use for your normal spending.

Fresher’s Week

Most universities now have Fresher’s Week, a whole range of events that take place during the first week of university. It is a great way to get to know people, learn about your new home and find all those little tips and tricks that existing students will have picked up. You can see what social events are on, any sports clubs that are running, hobby and interest societies that exist and even things like the best places to eat and drink.

Fresher’s Week can also be a chance to get lots of freebies, vouchers and other useful things that help you with budgeting, organising your new life and getting prepared for your studies. So, make sure you get involved and embrace all that the university life has to offer from the very beginning.

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