The Insta-famous dogs you should be following

With A Dog’s Purpose in cinemas now, we’ve rounded up some of the best four-legged furballs to follow on Instagram.

Doug the Pug @itsdougthepug

"‪I think I have a shoe addiction‬" -Doug

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You’ve probably seen him hanging around Facebook and Instagram already, perhaps dressed as a Disney character or Poldark. Doug is a pug with a serious sweet tooth and a penchant fro dress-up and, according to his Instagram bio, is the King of Pop Culture.

Marnie the Dog @marniethedog

No im not marnie I'm mermie hahaha April fools jk

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Marnie is a 15 year old Shi Tzu with an incredible 2 million Instagram followers who can never quite get her tongue to stay inside her mouth.

Menswear Dog @mensweardog

When it's Friday and you just got paid 🕶 @goodmans @dolcegabbana

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Quite possibly the most stylish dog in the world, he (or his owner, most likely) has a book out called The New Classics. Check out his glasses though. That dog is on point.

Brittawalks @brittawalks

This Pinterest-friendly pup takes her followers on a chic guide around NYC, and manages to somehow pose for numerous photos in front of cakes without eating a single one.

Smiley @smileytheblindtherapydog

Born without eyes, Smiley was rescued from an animal hoarder who is now a child therapy dog for the St John Ambulance charity.

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