Are the Instagram Screenshot Rumours True?



There is a vicious new rumour circling the web. Allow us to set the scene. There you are mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. You hit upon your crush/enemy/friend’s mum doing looking effortlessly gorgeous/tragic/ hilarious and you decide to take a screenshot. Who cares if the photo was taken 35 weeks ago? It’s just a little harmless interest stalking – what’s the worst that could happen?

Well – and take a deep breath here – Instagram users can now see when their followers screenshot their disappearing photos. I repeat: THEY CAN NOW SEE WHEN YOU SCREENSHOT THEIR DISAPPEARING PHOTOS.

But before you start throwing your pricey iPhones out the window in sheer panic – let’s break this down.

Instagram did start letting users know if people screenshot their Snapchat-style direct messages – those photo and video messages that vanish after you’ve seen them. But the app won’t send notifications if you just screenshot a normal photo.  In other words, so long as you don’t screenshot a message sent to you privately YOU ARE SAFE.

Nevertheless people of the internet Are. Freaking. Out. Which really is so unlike them. Twitter is usually such a calm place…


So just to clarify once and for all. No, Instagram hasn’t started sending people notifications when you screenshot their public photos. Please continue to web-stalk responsibly.


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