Internship Coming Up? These Are The Workwear Tricks You Need to Know

You got the grades. Nailed the application form. Smashed the interview. And now you finally have the work experience placement of your dreams. But how exactly do you dress for success?

Luckily, the fancy people at Gant have sorted you out. Any questions you might have about workwear – from shirts to ties  these guys have it sussed. And if you are still struggling, they’ve even created these nifty little videos to keep you straight – and most importantly, looking smart.

First things first – how on earth do you actually iron a shirt?

Wrinkles – cute on your pug, not on your shirt. Learn how to master the tricky skill of ironing below.


So you managed the shirt (with or without your mum’s help). But can you tie a tie?

This the one you were never taught as a kid. Don’t neglect this knot – it’s a timeless classic.


And girls, we wouldn’t leave you out would we?

With two shirts, you actually make a chic shirtdress that will carry you through your easter placement and beyond. Watch to see how.


What will you be wearing on your work placements? Let us know in Twitter or tag us on Instagram! 

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