INTERVIEW: Bang Bang Romeo’s Guide to The Galaxy

Bang Bang Romeo are ready to take pop music out of this world, highlight the importance of mental health support and start festival season with a…bang. We caught up with frontwoman Stars as the band to prepare to support P!nk on tour this summer.

Where did the name Bang Bang Romeo come from?

The way we write lyrics is like love, death and everything in between, so we took inspiration from Romeo and Juliet for Romeo. Then the music is quite powerful and hard hitting so we went with bang. It’s a name you don’t forget easily.

How are you preparing for festival season?

We had to focus on rehearsals and remember that we’re in a band because we love the music, not for the lifestyle. We wanted to focus on mental health, we’re working with some great charities, so we thought about how we are going to look after ourselves while doing festivals.

I Am Whole is a charity we always want to work with and is close to our hearts.

As a band, do you think its important to talk openly about mental health?

I think if you have platform in any way use it to champion causes like this. We are, especially with men’s mental health because as a society we don’t talk about it. There’s two blokes in the band and I’m lucky they are vocal, we look after each other and tell each other how we are.

We’re very vocal with one another and we try get fans to do the same and talk. We’re also there for them as much as we can be. I have people message me, especially young girls, saying that they’re a big girl and wish they had the confidence they see in me.

For me it’s so unbelievable and I can’t get my head around it, but if I can help anyone in any way then we will use our platform to do that.

How did it feel when you found out you are supporting P!nk on her upcoming tour?

When I got the call, I was watching Jezza Kyle while eating coco pops. I thought how surreal are these two worlds, I have one foot in either – it’s bizarre.

I felt so grateful towards P!nk because it’s not every day that artists the size she is give bands our size a chance.

I feel extremely compelled to not let her or our team down.

What should people expect at a Bang Bang Romeo gig?

When you get in you can jump around and have a crazy time and lose your head. Let’s take a journey somewhere else because as soon it’s over a lot of people are going back to a reality where they don’t want to be.

We leave it all on stage, there’s not one part of us that isn’t covered in sweat and emotionally drained. I think it’s just empowering music that hopefully takes  people to a different place all together.

We’re theatrical and honest on stage. We rock out so if you come bring tissues, a towel and expect to be emotionally drained.

What can you reveal about your debut album, A Heartbreaker’s Guide to The Galaxy?

It’s taken from lyrics in a song called Natural Born Astronaut and based around where we were while writing that song. We were in such a happy place.

We said: ‘Wouldn’t it be really cool if, for the album, we turned every single song into a planet?’ Visually we’ve created that. We’ve created a universe, we’re saying welcome to our world; each song on this is the soundtrack to our lives.


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What advice do you have for young women who want to break in to the music industry?

I think it’s quite easy to be scared in this industry as a woman, we’re told constantly it’s a hard place for a woman. I suggest that you come with blinkers on, be focused on what you want to do and nothing will stop you: no man, woman or company can stop you if you truly believe in it.

Don’t let anything stop you because you’re invincible, inspire the next generation that want to come in.

In so many years’ time the phrase ‘no place for a woman’ won’t exist at all.

Bang Bang Romeo’s debut album, A Heartbreaker’s Guide to The Galaxy, is out 14 June 2019.

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