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World Record Store Day is a celebration of independent record stores in the UK and America. On Saturday 20 April, Glasgow’s very own independent music retailer Love Music celebrated World Record Store day with over 400 new record releases and a free gig with live music from some of Scotland’s finest. These included the cover stars of Source’s first ever magazine Glasvegas, and so I popped down to Love Music to have a little catch up with some of the guys. In true rock and roll fashion, I hopped into the back of a van to have a chat with Rab and Jonna to find out what Glasvegas have been up to and what’s next for the band. Here’s how it went:

Your third album is eagerly anticipated – what can your fans expect from your new music?

Rab: Pretty much the same as the last two. It’s always a good question because I guess when we’re in the studio we just do what we enjoy listening to so it’s whatever happens at the time.

Jonna: I think it’s like, you can always hear that it’s Glasvegas, but there’s always maybe new bits. We don’t ever think we need to change something from the last record, it’s just what comes naturally to us.

The gig at Love Music tonight is on World Record Store Day. Why today?

R: I don’t really buy a lot of vinyls but I think it’s a great thing. I think if I wasn’t so lazy I probably would. I think anyone buying music physically as opposed to digitally is a good thing. Pro going out and buying music instead of stealing it.

J: It’s quite cool to have a vinyl. You don’t get them that often with new music so it’s cool that it’s different.

How does playing to a home crowd in Glasgow compare to playing to other crowds around the world?

R: Sometimes the gigs in Scotland are actually a bit more stressful because your parents are there, your girlfriend is there and everybody wants to see you, whereas other gigs are a bit easier. I think the gigs in Scotland are a little bit more special.

J: I think it’s because people think, the band are from Scotland and they’re proud of that.

Are you excited to be back on the music scene?

R: Of course! We never really went away. That was the thing, people always spoke as though we disappeared and we didn’t. We always did a lot of gigs abroad and we went around the world a couple of times since the last record came out and we demoed and recorded and that took about a year.

J: It takes a bit of time to put together, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working.

R: So we never went away!

Glasvegas have opened for some big names including Dirty Pretty Things and Ian Brown, how does it feel to know that big names like these guys like your music?

R: Kings of Leon, Oasis, Muse, U2. See if anybody likes the music? It’s nice. When you’re writing the music you have no idea if anybody will like it. When other musicians like it it’s more of a musical thing you know.

J: To me it’s really cool that anyone actually likes it.

R: Even though we’ve had three albums I still get excited when somebody likes it.

Your new single I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You) is out at the moment, can you talk us through the song?

R: James wrote the song. I guess he describes it as a journey, kind of departing something and moving on to something else, like a journey. I guess that was the video too.

J: I guess it’s free for anyone to fit their own story into the song, like what it means to you personally.

You’re supporting The Proclaimers this October, are you looking forward to playing in The Hydro?

R: I cannot wait. They are one of the biggest and best Scottish bands and they don’t really get the recognition they deserve. We did a gig in Texas with them at a Scottish showcase and they were absolutely phenomenal, just incredible. It’s an honour to be asked to do it to be honest.

What’s been your favourite ever gig

J: I think the ABC on Halloween two years ago. Usually when we come off stage we say well done, cuddle and stuff…That time we ran off and we were screaming and jumping because we were just buzzing from all the adrenaline.

R: Yeah, I’ll go with that one too.

Where next for Glasvegas?

R: The album comes out in summer time, we’ve got another single and a tour coming out in June. We’re doing a lot of European festivals. We’re doing a festival in South Korea! We always get asked to these mad, exotic places, we went to China last year! Then the album will come out and it’s being released worldwide so I guess we’ll be all over the place.

To conclude this rock and roll interview, I jumped out of the van just five minutes before Glasvegas were due to play at Love Music – pretty cool. Their Single ‘I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)’ is out now, and their album “Later…When The TV Turns To Static” will be out in June.

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