Introducing Source student discounts



A million and one plans, plenty of ambition and a wish list as long as your arm and no funds to make it a reality? We’re feeling you, kid.

There’s nothing quite like the temptation of the high street, restaurants and holiday providers to make you feel thoroughly depressed about your financial situation. But, lucky for you, we’ve come to the rescue.

We at Source have joined forces with Student Beans to bring you the very best student discounts and deals to help your budget stretch that little bit further.

If you mosey on over to right now, you’ll find a whole heap of incredible deals that’ll make sure your wardrobe and your social life are bang up to date.

Whether you fancy bagging 10% off at Topshop, 15% off at Go Ape, up to 50% off tickets for Ambassador Theatre Group tickets, 2% off holidays with easyJet or 25% off at Yo Sushi!, we’ve got squillions of offers to help you keep active, stylish, well-fed and well-travelled.

If you’re signed up at a UK university, you can sign up right now. Just head to the discount page, click ‘sign up’ in the top right hand corner and pop in your details to get your virtual student discount card. You can then get special discount codes to use with your favourite companies. Just think of everything you could do with all that extra cash…

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