Kim Kardashian got robbed – here’s how to protect your stuff

The top story on the DM this morning (c’mon, don’t pretend you don’t check it first thing too) announced that Kim Kardashian West had been robbed at gunpoint while staying in her private residence in Paris.

The five robbers – who disguised themselves as police – allegedly made off with millions of pounds worth of jewellery.

Reports say that the KUWTK star was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” after the masked men tied her up in the flat’s bathroom before fleeing the scene.

Her husband, rapper Kanye West, abruptly left his set early at the Meadows Festival in New York on Sunday night after learning of the news.

Scary stuff. What’s even more scary is that robbery can happen to anyone. Maybe Kanye won’t rush to your side and maybe you don’t have £5.2 million pounds worth of jewellery like Kim – but student life can still bring lots of its own safety challenges.

Whether you’re in your own home, out partying or online there are many things you can do to protect yourself from criminals and keep safe – here’s our top tips.

Keep doors locked at all times

Even if you are at home it’s a good idea to keep your doors locked for extra security. Before heading out make sure all windows and doors are closed.

Don’t give strangers your keys or door keycode.

Even if it’s just a takeaway delivery driver – never share the keypad number for your door. And don’t hand out your keys to tradespeople as they could easily make copies.

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Get a bike lock

Even better get two – double locking makes it harder to steal. Tie your bike up in a well lit area with CCTV– universities usually provide a bike spot with lots of cameras close to campus.

Ask for ID from the landlord to establish that they are who they say they are.

Never pay a deposit without viewing the property and ensuring the rental agreement and the property are genuine.

Make sure all your valuables are protected by passwords

You can also place details of your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, camera and other property on the National Mobile Property Register

Stay alert at cash machines

Hide your PIN, be aware of who’s behind you and don’t flash your cash. Avoid using them if you’ve had too much to drink.

Make sure your taxi is legit

Always call and book a taxi from a licensed private hire / taxi firm and make sure the vehicle pulling up is definite.

Look out for online scams

Even when websites or emails appear genuine, it could be a scam to get you to share your personal details. Watch out for all emails using generic terms like ‘dear account holder’ and if the email address is different from trusted company website.

You can find out more about  safety tips for students in Police Scotland’s Student Safety Guide.

Their Instagram account also provides lots of #StudentLife tips and advice which you can follow at

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