What I learned from results day

Results day is weird. You wait a long, long time for it, and it’s over in a second. This year, the wait from my last exam to 8 August felt painfully slow, especially given the fact I’d just sat five Highers and this was, arguably, the most important academic year of my life. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t get nervous for results day, and I’m certainly no exception – it consumed my thoughts in the days leading up to it, and I had little sleep the night before.

Waking up on that dreaded Tuesday, I was even more nervous than I’d been last year. The results text (which I’d definitely recommend signing up for so you’re not waiting hours for the post, as some of my regretful friends did!) was due for 8 o’clock, so I set my alarm for 7:59AM. I woke up, nervously washed my face, and then returned to my phone, taking a deep breath before checking it. 8:02AM, and no text?!  Now I’d have to actually wait – ah, never mind. There it was. Another deep breath, before I opened it – and took the biggest sigh of relief.

At first, I felt some inevitable disbelief – it was all over, and it had actually gone to plan! I found myself checking it again a few times, just incase I’d misread it. As it slowly sunk in, I spent the rest of the day in a joyous mood, and I remain over the moon at how it went. I’m aiming to study English Literature at university, and my results thankfully exceed what I needed to get, leaving me relieved and optimistic about the near future.I had lots of friends who were equally delighted with their results, but, inevitably, there were some who were disappointed.

In fact, after chatting about results with my friends – some of whom were let down, some satisfied, and some overjoyed – I began to realise that I had placed too much emphasis on this one day, allowing it to stress me out far too much. Getting nervous about results is totally natural. But I’ve learned that there’s very little use in worrying about an exam after you’ve sat it, as I’d admittedly done over the summer months. Exams can be always sat again, improvements can be made, different routes can be taken. There are always options. I may have got the results I wanted, but I learned these lessons regardless – and they are lessons which I imagine stand you in good stead for the unpredictability of life, and will certainly take a bit of the stress off for my next results day.

So, if its your first results day next year, or perhaps your most important one, take it from me. It’s certainly OK to be nervous – in fact, it’s pretty much inevitable. It’s OK to be proud of yourself and share your results with others. But it’s also OK if things don’t go exactly to plan – things can be always be fixed, and there’s no ‘right path’ to achieving your ambitions. So best of luck, of course, and remember – sign up for the text!

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