Let’s go to the movies… January 2018

All the Money in the World

5 January

This mystery follows the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III and his mother’s attempts to convince his billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom. As the kidnappers become more hostile and violent the rush to rescue John intensifies. Be prepared for edge-of-your-seat viewing in this intense drama.

Darkest Hour

12 January 18

History buffs rejoice, this one is for you. Despite the title, Darkest Hour isn’t a horror, it’s actually the true story of Winston Churchill’s first few days as Prime Minister. This might not sound exciting but when Churchill first came into office he had to arrange a peace treaty with Nazi Germany – talk about stressful. A film sure to please the masses, history has never looked so appealing.


24 January

In an overcrowded world changes need to be made to sort out overpopulation. The solution? Shrinking everyone, of course that’s the answer. Matt Damon and Kirsten Wigg play a married couple looking to escape the stresses of their lives and, in turn, shrink to only five inches tall. However, in this new small world there are a lot of adventures that will change their lives forever.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

26 January

The final Maze Runner film sees Thomas lead escaped Gladers on their most dangerous mission yet. It is time to save their friends and break into the legendary Last City, which might just turn out to be the deadliest maze the gang has ever had to face. If the success of the last Maze Runner films is anything to go by then this is sure to be great.

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