Let’s hear it for the ladies…

With the golden-voiced Ellie Goulding scoring her first number one, Miley Cyrus setting tongues wagging (not always for the right reasons) and Lady Gaga declaring a POP EMERGENCY as she and Katy Perry go head to head with their new releases, the ladies are well and truly showing the traditionally male-dominated music industry what they’re made of. We round up our favourite tracks from the fairer sex right now…



Katy Perry – Roar

When Katy Perry first burst onto the scene in an explosion of colour, cheeky lyrics and bonkers stage outfits, we thought it would never last. How very wrong we were. Katy’s debuting a more grownup sound for her new record, with Roar as the first single release – and it’s a corker. This is the perfect track for wailing along to with a hairbrush, and the lyrics have a depth to them that we haven’t seen from Perry’s previous releases.


Ellie Goulding – Burn

With her almost otherworldly vocals, big choruses and foot-stomping beats, it’s a miracle that Ellie Goulding hadn’t scored a number one until recently. Burn is a beaut of a track, with a big, singalong chorus and a perfect end-of-summer vibe. Ellie – you’re our favourite. More of this please.


Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Miley, we weren’t impressed by your antics on Sunday at the MTV VMAs (put it away, love! All of it!), but We Can’t Stop is one heck of a catchy tune. In the last week, we’ve become all too aware that the once angelic Disney star is determined to step out of the shadow of kids’ TV, but we reckon We Can’t Stop could’ve done that without the, er, twerking. The perfect party track.


Lady Gaga – Applause

The First Lady of Pop is back with a bang! Applause is everything you’d expect from Gaga – electro-tinged, pop-tastic, positively zinging with energy and a little bit mental. She says that her meat-wearing days are behind her, but the banging tracks, thankfully, are here to stay. Look out for new album ARTPOP later this year.


P!nk (ft. Lily Allen) – True Love

What happens when you take two of the feistiest ladies in the pop world and put them on the same track? Amazingness, that’s what. P!nk has been on the scene for yonks, and this track with Lily Allen shows that she’s not planning on going anywhere any time soon. Big vocals from the wild-haired US songstress, teamed with Lily’s Brit-accented vibe makes for a fab singalong track that’s kept us going all summer.

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