Life After Freshers’ Week: Getting Started on Your Course

We trust freshers’ week lived up to your expectations and you’ve made some new friends to spend your uni days with but, with the festivities subsiding it’s time to get started on your chosen course. Uni operates a little differently from school and you’ll be expected to work more independently than you have in the past. It may seem daunting, but don’t panic, we have a few tips to get you of to a successful start…

Check, check and double check

Your lecturers won’t be consistently reminding you of important deadlines and exam dates so it’s up to you to keep yourself informed. Be sure to check your student portal and email regularly for all the latest information – and remember it. Missing deadlines can impose drastic penalties on your grades and turning up to the wrong exam hall isn’t going to do you any favours.

Keep a diary

It’s easy to make memos in phones and tablets but these devices have their flaws. The battery could die, it could suffer from one of those ‘technical blips’ or you could accidentally delete an important date and forget all about it.  A paper diary, however, won’t you let you down. You can pick one up for a good price at any stationary shop and it’ll keep you right for the entire academic year.

Get to know the library

University libraries are huge and can be overwhelming if you’re unsure of how they work. Take time to wonder around and familiarise yourself with all the sections and practice locating and withdrawing books. There can be fights for books around essay deadlines so it’s wise to make sure you are armed with the required materials in advance – just remember to return by the due date so they are available for others and clear you of fines.


Once you’ve gathered all the info and materials you need for your course it’s a good idea to plan how much time you’ll need to cover the reading and keep on top of lurking deadlines. If you plan efficiently, you should have time on evenings and weekends to spend as you please.

Stay calm

The first few weeks may appear stressful but just remember everything will fall into place as you settle in. If things do get a but much make time to chill with your friends, socialise, see a film or band and just give yourself a break from it all. Good luck!

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