Life skills to boost your CV

Fojoin-a-clubr some of you out there, it’s that time of the year when you start thinking about life after exams.

If you’re just about to leave school (woo hoo!) you might find that your CV is looking a bit bare. Employers are always after a CV that stands out from the crowd, and one of the most effective ways of doing that is gaining a “life skill” that shows your potential of turning your hand to a variety of roles, rather than simply being good at your traditional school subjects.

Here are few life skills that not only will give your credentials the edge, but may prove handy in sticky situations!

Car mechanics

Doing a basic course in car mechanics not only show, an employer that you’re good with your hands, it’s also an excellent skill to have if you’re planning on owning your own motor. Doing an introductory course will also give you an insight into whether becoming a mechanic would be something you’d like to pursue as a career, or perhaps starting your own business. Check out the link for a variety of courses across Scotland, from Vehicle Technology in Motherwell to Body and Pain Operations in Springburn.

Duke of Edinburgh Award 

Funnily enough, the Duke of Edinburgh Award was founded by Prince Philip, the actual Duke of Edinburgh. Gaining an award shows that you’ve completed a series of self-improvement exercises, including volunteering, physical, skills and expedition activities. Anyone from the age of 14-24 can apply, and a welcome pack costs only £17 for Bronze and Silver, and £24 for Gold. Best of all, you decide what activities to do, including animal welfare, helping disabled people, cooking and sailing.

First Aid

We can all laugh at the prospect of locking lips with a stranger who’s passed out on the floor, but the truth of the matter is that only approximately one in 13 people would confidently know how to carry out first aid on ill and injured people. St Andrew’s First Aid provides Scotland with extremely high standards in first aid skills, and the organisation offers a range of excellent training and volunteering opportunities. Having a first aid certificate makes you a valuable asset within a company, and in some sectors, is essential for you to work there.

Modern Language

Saying your name and “a baguette, please” in French may help you get by in Paris, but knowing a language fluently is a wonderful life skill to have. Speaking another language opens so many doors, including interpretation and translating roles, applying for jobs abroad and teaching English overseas. Let’s buck the trend of lazy Brits speaking only pidgin Spanish and French and learn a modern language for a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Sign Language

We’ve all caught ourselves laughing at the facial expressions of the smartly dressed people standing at the side of our TV screens, making some shapes about the weather forecast, but signing is a much needed skill for the approximate 8.7 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. A small amount of courses run in Scotland, however you can also learn BSL (British Sign Language) online.

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