Live Review: Fickle Friends captivate Glasgow fans

In case you missed it, indie band Fickle Friends played a packed show at Garage in Glasgow last night (24 October).

The five-piece band from Brighton put on a fantastic performance, after cancelling the show two nights before in Nottingham, due to a chest infection.

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Between coughs, front-woman Natti Shiner sang her heart out, performing fan favourites, from ‘Swim’ and ‘Lovesick’, to breakthrough hit ‘Brooklyn’. The crowd almost wouldn’t know she was ill.

The band released their debut album You Are Someone Else earlier this year, which peaked at number nine on the UK and Scottish charts, and number one in the UK Album Cassette Charts. More recently, they announced the release of their latest single ‘The Moment’, earlier this month.


Before the end of the show, Natti referenced a tweet which stated that having a mental health condition has become like having a fashion accessory: everyone has one.

She said “It’s not that having a mental health condition is more ‘fashionable’ now: it’s that people  feel more comfortable being open about what they’re going though, which is great.

“It’s because of tweets like that, that we write songs like these,” before launching into hit single ‘Hard to be Myself’.

Natti has been honest about her mental health in the past, talking openly about her anxiety. She has often said that she uses song-writing as a way of managing her mental health, and finds it therapeutic.

The tour continues with dates in Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and Barcelona. To find tickets, head to the Fickle Friends website here.

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