Live Review: Tom Grennan delivers a full roast to the Glasgow Barrowlands

Flirting with mums, controlling the stage like only a true musician can: Tom Grennan certainly left his mark on the Barrowlands.

The rumblings of a new age in music has been happening quietly in the background for some time. It was guest vocals on Chase & Status’ 2016 hit All Goes Wrong that made everyone stop and listen. Rasping yet soothing vocals brought an eclectic charm to the track. This opportunity propelled Tom Grennan into the mainstream.

And last night (9 October) the booming vocals of Grennan landed at the Barrowlands for a show unlike any other.

Getting up on stage is not small task, but Grennan bounced onto the stage oozing energy, confidence and palpable excitement to be “playing in Scotland’s most iconic venue.”

Cheers bounced off the walls of the venue adding to the atmosphere and Grennan was clearly loving every moment of it.

Kicking off the show with new hits Royal Highness and Barbed Wire, Grennan could have been on the stage a capella and the strength of his vocal range would have been enough to carry the evening. Not doing anything by halves, Grennan was accompanied by his band and backing singers – a nod to concerts of days gone by with a modern twist.

Setting his infectious melodies and relatable lovelorn lyrics aside, another marker of Grennan’s success is his personality.

You wouldn’t be surprised to see him having drinks with your mates and this is evident even on stage as he interacts and jokes around between songs.

The crowning moment of the evening was most certainly Tom flirting with “all the mum’s in the crowd,” before going into an up-tempo rendition of I Might – much to the crowd’s delight – which he wrote for his mum.

Speaking with Tom ahead of his Barras performance, Grennan said it would be: “A fiery, passionate, Sunday dinner. It’s not going to get boring and there’s always going to be more gravy.” Grennan certainly delivered a full roast.

Performing album tracks, much adored singles and even adding an extra dash of excitement when he decided to go topless, Tom Grennan delivered a crowning performance from a young artist that clearly has a lot more to give.

In an age of synthesised, autotuned tracks, Grennan is a forced to be reckoned with and is certainly the full package: talented, funny and passionate about his art. Having come straight from South Africa to kick off his UK and Ireland tour, it’s going to take more than jetlag to hold Grennan back.


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