Louis Theroux Appreciation Tour hits Glasgow

Credit: @Wegottagettherouxthistour Facebook

Yes, that’s right, Louis Theroux (in virtual form) is coming to Glasgow. ‘We Gotta Get Theroux This’ takes place at SWG3 on March 29thThis promises to be a night to remember for all those worshipers of the popular filmmaker. Why do we love Louis? We can’t really explain it, but do we want to dance all night to club classics surrounded by his holograph and clips of his best bits? Absolutely! This is just one night of the tour, the brainchild of Louis Theroux Appreciation Tour HQ. About time too. This celebration of all things Theroux includes giveaways and much needed merch. There’s even a chance to win a Theroux themed hamper by posting your fave Louis meme on their Facebook page.

Tickets are £5.00, or £7.00 if you want a Theroux t-shirt (an essential), but better hurry as they’re sure to sell out fast.

Louis is ready, are you?

Words by Susie Butler. 

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