Louise Pentland tells us what she really thinks about Trump


Tomorrow will draw a close to what seems like the longest elections ever. That’s right, after months of leaked emails, pantsuits and dodgy fake tans,  one of the two blondes (that’s either Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) will finally be named President of the United States.

At least that’s the plan. Donald Trump said he will refuse to accept the outcome of the US elections should he lose. Which is fine – we refuse to accept Trump has been running in the first place. And we’re not the only ones. We caught up with YouTube star Louise Pentland to see what she thought about the current presidential race.

“Oh my God, what a farce,”ays Louise. “Do not vote for Trump – he just seems like an absolute maniac.”

Do you hear that world? The reigning queen of YouTube has spoken. Here’s hoping that American fans of the former Sprinkle of Glitter will listen.

This isn’t the first time Louise has spoken out about politics. Last year she interviewed Ed Miliband in the run up to the General Election and she has recently been named a Change Ambassador for the UN.

Along with seven other female creators from across the world, Louise will be responsible for creating content to target gender inequality.“It was such an honour to asked to be part of the United Nations,” says Louise. “It’s a great platform to talk about things that really matter to me. Gender inequality doesn’t just for women, it also matters to all genders. It’s a really great topic – I’m glad it’s becoming more and more normalised.”

Read our full interview with Louise Pentland in the winter issue of Source, out at the end of November 

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