Making your money go further this Christmas

Christmas piggy bank

The season of spending is upon us! But when you’ve got the funds of a student, you don’t exactly have squillions of pounds to shower your loved ones with expensive gifts. So how do you cope when your Christmas is more budget than bling? Here are a few pointers.


In capitals, because really, this is the only way you’re going to get anywhere if you’re on limited funds. So decide how much money you have to spend, divvy it up amongst the people who have to buy for and, for the love of God, STICK TO IT.

Do your research

When it comes to purchasing gifts, get online and see where you can get it at the best price. Shopping from the comfort of your armchair also eliminates the urge to panic buy and not look at the price. Google’s Shopping function is good to compare and contrast prices with different outlets too.

Keep your eyes peeled

As we gallop towards Christmas like a herd of anxious reindeer, retailers are doing what they can to make us spend their money with them. So make the most of it! Look out for discount days, 3 for 2 deals and special offers to get the gifts you want to give at bargain prices. Sites like are great if you’re doing all your gifting on the web too, or check out Source’s handy discounts page at

Get creative

Rather than spend squillions on gifts, why not go all Kirstie Allsopp and get DIY-ing your gifts? You could bake, knit, draw and craft your way to a really thoughtful gift. Make an album of printouts of your favourite Insta pics, stick a compilation of significant songs on a USB drive or get really handy and make some pretty jewellery for pals – they’ll be impressed by the effort you’ve put in!

It’s the thought that counts

And this is the most important thing – Christmas isn’t about who gives the flashiest present or bankrupts themselves to impress others. It’s about spending time with your nearest and dearest and eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for breakfast. The presents are great, but they’re not the most important part – it’s the thought behind it all that counts. So get your boyfriend a DVD of that first movie you saw together in the cinema rather than splashing out on a Hugo Boss watch. Make a mixtape for your bestie over that £80 Lush gift set. They’re going to appreciate it so much more!

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