#MondayMeals: Chompsky Maple and chipotle sweet potato hash

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Glasgow based street food company, Chompsky,  make delicious munchies from around the world. This week they are sharing  their secret sweet potato recipe with us. This sweet potato hash can be used as a burrito filling in a tortilla wrap with guacamole, salsa, cheese and sour cream. It is also great for hot breakfast with poached eggs and spring onions or as a nacho topping.

Maple and chipotle sweet potato hash Ingredients (serves 4 people)

–  4 large sweet potatoes

–  50 ml rapeseed or olive oil

–  1 x 100ml tin of chipotle chillies (less if you don’t want it toospicy)

–  1 x 450g tin of black turtle beans

–  3 cloves garlic

–  1 tbsp dried oregano

–  Salt and pepper

–  75ml maple syrup




Peel and grate the sweet potatoes


Peel and chop the garlic and weigh out all the other ingredients to

get them ready


Roughly chop the chipotles from the tin retaining all there juices


Heat the oil in the largest surface area pan you have on a medium

heat – non stick preferable


Add the grated sweet potato to the pan and using a wooden spoon

move it around pretty much constantly so it sautés evenly


The potato will start to soften as it cooks


After around 10 minutes of stirring and cooking the potato add

the garlic, chipotles, oregano and continue stirring. The potato will

start to go golden brown in places


Season to taste with salt and pepper


Turn off the heat and add the maple syrup stirring it thoroughly.


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