Muggles rejoice! Glasgow’s first Harry Potter shop

Image: @harrypotterfilm Instagram

Glasgow’s very first Harry Potter shop is opening its doors tomorrow and we can’t wait.

Clause 73 will open for us muggles in the morning and it looks like it’ll be a haven for fans as we wait impatiently until November for the next dose of movie magic.

The real Potterheads among you will know that the shop is being called Clause 73 because Scotland is the country that most often breaks the clause that ensures the secrecy of magical creatures. ‘Course it is.

Image: @Clause73Glasgow Twitter

Inspired by the Harry Potter studios in London, Clause 73’s owners wanted to bring a little of that magic to dreich ol’ Glasgow. The shop’s location is on Creswell Street, right in the heart of the West End. It’s no surprise that the West End will be home to a Harry Potter shop with its crumbly old building and cobblestones it’s the prefect setting. And after all, J.K. herself said that Glagow Uni and Ashton Lane were major inspirations for the novels.

There’s going to be a range of official Potter merch as well as more bespoke items. We’re talking wands, Pygmy Puffs, cloaks, hats, quills, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Think the Hogwarts Express, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and Ollivanders Wands mushed into one and you’ve got Clause 73! It’s going to be pure magic.

Clause 73 will open on Saturday 17 February. To find out more, visit Clause 73’s Facebook and Twitter.

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