A new arcade and ramen bar is coming to Glasgow!

The fact that another ramen restaurant is opening in Glasgow will hardly be ground-breaking news to locals. With the likes of Ichiban, Ramen Dayo, and Temaki, the city can boast of having some of the best Japanese restaurants in Scotland.

So, what makes R-CADE stand out from the crowd?

Situated in the East End, just off the Glasgow Green, R-CADE combines a ramen bar with a vintage arcade. Its creator, Andrew Faulkner, aims to make a new hybrid community space where people can snack and chat between games.

Cramming fifty years of gaming into one place, the arcade will feature original consoles and games with old favourites, like Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and PlayStation. Older models have been upcycled and refurbished to create an authentic gaming experience.

Inspired by arcades of the ‘80s, R-CADE wants to make gaming a social experience, that can be shared between friends rather than the modern, isolating way we play video games today. That’s where the ramen bar comes in – it’s also a place where you can eat ramen cups, snacks, and drinks all from Asia.

Taking design inspiration from Tokyo’s famous gaming spaces, R-CADE is set to look like something out of Blade Runner with neon lights, laser projectors, brash décor, and a boombox sound system.

As well as ramen-slurping and game-playing, R-CADE hopes to become a space that will host gaming tournaments, costume nights, educational classes, exhibitions, and arts fairs. The ambitious team is also planning on selling t-shirts and posters, developing a special membership with perks and bonuses, and offering the space to private party bookings.

A new diverse and exciting venue in the East End complete with retro games and a ramen bar: what’s not to get excited about?

R-CADE will open on the 20th January at a special launch event. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

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