New to Netflix…October 2017

The Notebook

1 October

Grab the tissues and the chocolate because THE NOTEBOOK HAS ARRIVED. And we’re calm. The love story to end all stories, after Titanic obvs, follows the heart-breaking journey of Ali and Noah as they fight to be together. If you’re not snot crying by the end of it then clearly you have no heart. Shame.

Once Upon A Time

Every Tuesday from 6 October

If you haven’t been watching Once Upon A Time, what have you been using your Netflix subscription for? Set in the fictional town of Storybrook, the show features iconic fairy tales with some pretty dark twists. Season six had a pretty dramatic ending, and it looks like the tides have definitely changed for season seven. Fans of the show, you do not want to miss this and for newbies, welcome to your new favourite show.


Every Thursday from 12 October

If you loved Gossip Girl and The OC then you’re sure to love this teen reboot of the classic 80s show. Expect spoilt rich kids, cheating, drama and scraps this looks to be a rebirth like no other – still no word if Joan Collins will be getting involved. Ask your nan about it, she’ll fill you in…

American Sniper

20 October

An action packed feature film, American Sniper was a controversial success when it was released in 2014. Following war sniper, Chris Kyle, known as the deadliest sniper in the Iraq war, this true story will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Stranger Things

27 October

Good job October is cold and gloomy with all these amazing shows coming to Netflix. The second season we’ve all been waiting for will be returning to Netflix, in full, as we find out about the Upside Down, what happened to Eleven and find out what the Demogorgon has been up to. Lock the doors and turn off your phone there’s a binge session on the way.

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