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When they were first thrown together at X Factor boot camp, little did we know that Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall could be the coolest, freshest girl band the charts had seen for years. A year on, Little Mix have a couple of number one singles under their belts, a sell-out tour on the horizon and a hot new album out now – it’s been a busy year for the fabulous foursome! Lindsay Cochrane caught up with blonde bombshell Perrie to find out more about the last 12 months…

You’re really busy girls just now – how are you coping?!

It’s hectic, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Hopefully, if the album does well, it’ll pay off!

It’s been a whole year since you were on the X Factor. Are you watching this year’s show?

Yes! Oh my gosh, I am glued to it! My favourite is James Arthur, I think he’s insane. I love Jahmene as well – he is just so talented. It’s really weird watching it – I still get nervous whenever they’re about to perform! I get butterflies! I can’t watch the Sunday results show, I’m on the edge of my seat like, “Just tell us who gets through, because I can’t take it!” I feel like I’m there all over again.

If you could, would you do the X Factor experience all over again?

I would definitely do everything again – I’d do living in the house again in a heartbeat, that was the best fun ever, especially at the start when we first got put in there. It was amazing, we had three weeks there before the first live show so everyone had amazing banter, it was really good. But I would never ever do boot camp again! Ever! I hated it! Towards the end, it was fine, because I met Jesy, but I had no friends, no confidence, I was terrified – I hated it.

You girls have been together for a year now, how would you sum it up?

The most amazing experience ever. We feel so lucky and blessed to have this as a job. We’re doing something we love every day for a living. We’re really lucky and we’re working hard.

How did you cope being thrown together as a band?

They must have known what they were doing. It’s incredible how it worked. We got together straight away, we went to my house, we went shopping together, we had sleepovers – it was basically like getting three new best friends, three sisters.

Your album DNA is out now. What’s it like?

The album, I think, is very versatile. It’s the Little Mix sound but every song is completely different. Hopefully when people listen to the album, it’s not a case of they have a favourite or they’ll click ‘next’ with every other song; we hope they love all of them.

The four of you co-wrote the album as well – what made you want to get involved with that side of it?

When we first came off the show, we knew straight away that we wanted to be involved in everything as much as possible. At the end of the day, it’s our name on it so it’s got to come from us and we’ve got to be happy with what we’re doing. I think it’s better when we can write about our own experiences and sing about that, for it to be about things that we can relate to as well.

You’ve got some interesting side projects too. How did the Primark collaboration happen?

We’d always wanted to do our own clothing range and Primark seemed like the perfect place to do it. A lot of kids shop there, we shop there all the time – it’s brilliant, I love it. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to start it off.

And then there’s the Little Mix dolls! How did you feel when you saw the Perrie doll for the first time?

When we first got it, it was scary! We weren’t used to seeing ourselves as dolls, obviously. But I have grown up all of my life wanting to be a doll. Then it happened! It was weird because it didn’t feel right! But now, I take my doll everywhere – it’s so bad. I sit her down on the sofa when I’m watching the telly, I put her everywhere – I’m very proud of my doll. 

Your working life is really busy just now. How do you manage to balance that with seeing your boyfriend, One Direction’s Zayn?

It kind of just works. We all know that it’s hard, but if you want it to work, you make it work. I think everyone would think it would be tough, but we do actually see each other a lot. We’ve been really lucky. We want it to work that bad that we just make it happen . It’s worth it!

Do 1D give you any advice?

Yes, they always do. Like, the other night, Zayn was telling us about touring and stuff like that. It’s so nice having the boys there – they’ve been through it all and they’re a year ahead of us, so they know things.

You guys are setting off on tour next year – are you looking forward to it?

I’m so excited. I can’t wait. It’s going to be so amazing knowing that we’re headlining our own tour! Everyone who comes is there to see us. It’s going to be lots and lots of fun, and hopefully everybody that comes to see us will leave with a big smile on their face.

2012 has been amazing for you – what can we expect for 2013?

We’re thinking big! Obviously, we’ll take over the world! [laughs] Hopefully, our album will do really well and the singles will do really well. The massive goal for us is to play Madison Square Garden – that’s the dream if we have to pick one big one!

Little Mix’s debut album DNA is out now.

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