The Most Obscure Societies at Scottish Universities

Clubs and societies are an essential part of student life at universities world-wide and reflect the variety of people who attend each one.

For university applicants hoping to study in Scotland starting this September, the clubs and societies on offer at each university could affect the final decision they make.

There are 15 universities in Scotland and some of the most obscure clubs and societies have been funded at each of them.

University of St Andrews – Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Appreciation Society

It's five o'clock somewhere, am I right? #tunnockscaramelwafer #tunnocks

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By far the most obscure society of all time at Scottish universities is the St Andrews Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Appreciation Society. It’s extremely specific to the appreciation of one type of biscuit only, but it still seems to be going strong.

University of Aberdeen – Knitting Society


Quite bizarrely, Aberdeen plays host to a society with the sole purpose of bringing knitters together. Knitting is not a popular hobby in this day and age but Aberdeen are holding down the fort.

University of Abertay – Abertay Space Agency

This club actually sends things into space as well as talking all things space-related at their meetings. It is the only space club at a university in Scotland so count your lucky stars if you attend Abertay.

University of Dundee – DunTea


Yes, it is a pun. Yes, this club literally celebrates Britain’s favourite beverage – tea.

University of Edinburgh – Make Up and Special Effects Society

This is a club for anyone interested in make up – whether that be a simple eyeliner flick or gory horror film blood – which makes it very inclusive.

Edinburgh Napier University – Techno Society

It’s as if the music society spawned a child. The Techno Society looks to “unite all techno fans at Napier” and is the only society of its nature in Scotland.

Glasgow Caledonian University – Disney Society

This is a group which meets weekly to watch and talk about Disney films presumably. It’s almost a branch of the GCU Film Society but with more singing and dancing.

Heriot Watt University – Wakeboard and Waterski Society


This is a unique sports club within the realms of Scottish universities and one of the only sports clubs to feature in this article.

University of the Highlands and Islands – Forestry and Arboriculture

This is by far the most unique and interesting club that the University of the Highlands and Islands provide. That being said, it is a very short list of societies.

Queen Margarets University – Anime

Anime clubs are not unheard of at Scottish universities but QMU’s society list seems to be lacking the usual creativity this year and anime is one of the least common societies.

Robert Gordon University – Dumbledore’s Army


Several universities in Scotland boast their own Harry Potter themed societies and Quidditch teams (yes, this actually happens) but RGU takes home the prize for the best name.

University of Stirling – Eurovision Song Contest Society

Eurovision is one of those things that you either love or hate. Clearly Stirling loves the annual competition as it has its own appreciation society.

University of Strathclyde – Board Game Society

Strathclyde is one of those universities with over 100 societies which all seem to be serious and course-based. However, they’re mixing it up a bit with a board game or two in their spare time.

University of the West of Scotland – …


Unfortunately for the West of Scotland, it hasn’t made the cut. Every society on its website seemed very mainstream and so, no society is featured. Come on, guys! Be weirder!

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