Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony: What We Know

The Olympics are here! 

All eyes are on Rio as an estimated 900 million people will tune in to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday night.

So far, thanks to a full rehearsal to an invited audience at the Marcana stadium, we know that Gisele Bundchen gets MUGGED as part of the performance to “show the realities of Brazilian life.” Ahem…OK.

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But it’s not all violent street crime : 300 professional dancers and 5,000 volunteers will be dancing around the stadium telling the story of Brazil’s history – from the colonisation of indigenous tribes to modern-day slum life, sporting success and cultural celebration.

The budget of Rio’s event does not match the huge amount allocated to London 2012 [we had a whopping £27million to play with] so much of the opening ceremony will apparently be devoted to Brazilians’ resourceful nature, their ability to work with little to make something beautiful.

The opening ceremony will use 2,000 light guns, 3,000 kilos of fireworks and 109 projectors, and each country gets their own personal samba band to march into the stadium

Gisele’s not the only famous face that will appear in Friday’s incredible event : Britain’s own Judi Dench will make an appearance to read a poem with Brazilian celeb Fernanda Montenegro.

As with most Olympic events, there has been controversy about the government’s expenditure on an international sporting event, when there are so many impoverished people living in Brazil’s slums.


What do you think of the Brazil Opening Ceremony – will you be tuning in?


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