The European Championships is having a cultural festival in Glasgow!

Festival 2018 is the cultural side of the first European Championships taking place in Glasgow this summer.

Alongside the sporting calendar, which runs from 2-12 August, cultural events will take place across the city. We’ve rounded up our top picks.

In George Square

The Great Big Opening Party

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The opening party kicks off the programme for the festival as well as the championships. The event will feature Scottish music acts including Nina Nesbitt, who we interviewed before TRNSMT festival, The Ayoub Sister and C Duncan. It will celebrate the sports of the championships and the people who have been a part of the Glasgow 2018 journey.

1st August

4pm – 10:30pm

BPM Showdown

Once you’ve celebrated at the opening party, start counting down to the BPM Showdown taking place over the final weekend of Festival 2018. The party takes place in a dome in George Sqaure where you will be surrounded by video projections, pop-up performers and DJs. There’s even going to be acrobats!

11th – 12th August

3pm- 10pm

At the Green

Credit @LEAPsports on Twitter

LEAP Sports: Football vs Homophobia (bungee football)

If you ever played on a football table set then you’ll love bungee football. You’ll be attached to a bungee cord while you play against friends and then have the chance to make your pledge against homophobia.

2nd – 12th August

10am – 7pm

Airbag freedrop

Not one for those scared of heights, the airbag freedrop lets you live like a stunt man by jumping from the top of a tower and free-falling onto a massive airbag.

2nd – 12th August

10am – 7pm

Throughout the city

Credit @thebarrowlands on Twitter

Barrowland Ballads: Backstage at the Ballroom


Join the artists of Recollective and go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the legendary Barras. You can hang out backstage, see the stage and stand in the same spots as some of your favourite bands. The tours are part of Recollective’s documentary project about the Ballroom’s legacy.

7th – 8th August

5pm – 8:30pm

The People Unite: Building Bricks

The European Championships will be hosted by both Glasgow and Berlin this year. As a celebration of this partnership volunteers will build bricks out of cardboard throughout this week.

The bricks will then be transferred to Glasgow Green where volunteers will build them into a massive replica of a Berlin landmark building. One the tower is built people will gather to celebrate the achievement and see it ceremoniously topple.

3rd – 4th August

10am – 5pm

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