Be #PartOfIt during Sarcoma Awareness Week

This week (1-7 July) it’s Sarcoma Awareness Week, but 75% of people don’t know what sarcoma is. We’re telling you the facts and how you can get involved.

The summer holidays are here but as July begins it is also Sarcoma Awareness Week.

What is sarcoma?

Sarcomas are cancers which are uncommon and can affect any part of the body, inside or outside. This includes the muscle, bone, tendons, blood vessels and fatty tissues.

Every day around 15 people are diagnosed with a sarcoma in the UK. That comes to more than 5,000 people a year.

There are around 100 different types of sarcoma, but they most commonly affect the arms, legs, stomach, intestines, behind the abdomen, and the female reproductive system.


The survival rates for sarcoma are gradually rising in the UK, just over half of people with sarcoma will survive at least five years after diagnosis.

In order to save more lives, more people need to know about sarcoma. Currently one in four people know what sarcoma is and that isn’t enough.

Sarcoma Awareness Week gives the general public facts about sarcoma, what it is, and how they can get involved.

Get involved

This Sarcoma Awareness Week you can help spread the word and increase knowledge of the uncommon cancer.

Sarcoma UK are asking you to be #PartOfIt on social media. After you have read up on the facts you can share one, or share your experience of how sarcoma has affected you or a loved one.

The charity is also asking for people to share their moment and talk about their experiences of sarcoma. Simply record a voice note on your phone and send it to the charity to be added to a podcast.

How are you raising awareness of sarcoma this week? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

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