Pokemon Go! Scotland Catches Them All

Pokémon Go is here!

You’ve been exploring neighbourhoods to catch wild Pokémon in alleyways, parks and shops around Scotland since the new gaming app was released.

Found Jigglypuff in a corner of your bedroom? Sandshrew at the post office? It’s time to catch them all, all over the country.

Here’s how each city is coping with the Pokémon craze.


In Glasgow, the city’s own Pikachu [mascot of Glasgow University Pokemon Society] has been out and about helping you catch rogue Pokémon.


Some of you have based your days out around hunting.

Others have been led into darkness…..(always keep your wits about you when you looking for Pokémon!)

Rogue Pokémon in unusual circumstances? CATCH IT!

WHO NEEDS SLEEP? Not these intrepid Pokémon hunters.


Haters gonna hate, players gonna play.

Edinburgh prices, as always, getting in the way of the good stuff.

Romantic dates will never be the same.

Bars are cashing in on their super rare Pokémon. There’s a Snorlax at Sportsters!

Super rare Pokemon in the bar! Buy a drink and we'll tell you where 😉

A photo posted by Sportsters Edinburgh (@sportsters_edin) on

Buzzfeed correspondent Jamie Ross is going off-grid to catch them all.


The weather is against Pokémon catchers in the frozen north.


Team Instinct have been killing it in Stirling.

It’s not just a hotbed for academic learning…

Unlike Edinburgh, this castle is open for Pokémon business without the hefty hashtag.


Pokémon addiction is no laughing matter. You Mewtwo could get lost in deepest Dundee.

The pain of waiting for fresh 3G is real.

SQUIRTLE! Captured near Dundee University. Good job, @peosforos13


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