Praising our feline friends 🐱

How’s your day going? Good? Not so good?

Either way, results day is a big ol’ bag of stress. We’re shaking just thinking about it. Never fear though as today marks an even fluffier, happier, sometimes sassy occasion – it’s International Cat Day. 🐱

Yup, the king of the jungle and the king or queen of our houses, the rest of this post will definitely cheer you up.

Their little booties, cute paws, adorable love heart shaped noses, purring, NOSE KISSES, or a sweet little head-butt, we cant get enough of cats and kittens and all things fluffy. To celebrate this most magical of days we found the most delightful cat videos out there.

That’s what the Internet was invented for, wasn’t it?

And the original winning kitty of the internet…

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