Prepare to tantalize those taste buds, Tantrum Doughnuts are expanding!

Credit: @tantrumdoughnuts Facebook

Holy moly, Tantrum Doughnuts are expanding, and there’s not a tantrum in sight.

 Glasgow’s top doughnut destination is moving  to Gordon Street. No longer is this dangerous indulgence limited to your West End visits as the new doughnut emporium will be conveniently located next to Central Station. You can now satisfy your tasty treat needs on the move – trust us they’re irresistible.

Credit: @tantrumdoughnuts Facebook

Get ready to sample some of the ultimate (and weirdest) doughnut flavours including PB & J, candied bacon and banoffee pie. Tantrum pride themselves on creating these mouthwatering masterpieces fresh from scratch daily, all with local ingredients.

Credit: @tantrumdoughnuts Facebook

And what could be better than visiting the shop? Working there! That’s right, they’re hiring. You could be the next night baker or front of house staff, imagine that heavenly baking smell.  Do-nut miss your chance to apply for these appetizing opportunities, who knows, there might even be a discount involved!

The shop is set to open in the next few weeks, so get those taste buds at the ready and prepare to pile on the pounds.

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